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New Keto Sourdough Rolls and Bread - Low Glycemic Index! And Vegan!

In response to loving bread and wanting to eat fewer carbohydrates, these newest bakery items at Delaware Street Bakery fit BOTH those desires! My new sourdough starter is from a 140-year old San Francisco Starter and is Super Delicious!

The Keto Bread is made with 4 ingredients: Ancient-grain Spelt Flour, Filtered Tap Water, Sea Salt, and Monk Fruit/Erythritol Sweetener for less than 10 grams of Carbs per slice! That could be up to half of normal breads.

The Rolls are also made with the same ingredients above plus avocado oil and some dry active yeast for faster rising.

I use Organic, Sprouted, Ancient-grain Spelt to make a Keto-based sourdough starter for both the rolls and bread. This flour is nearly 4 times the cost of my King Arthur bread flour and so cost for both an Order of Keto Rolls (approx. 14-17 rolls) and Keto Bread is $12.

Order now through the website or text me at 619.300.1535.


Can't wait for you to try the rolls and/or

bread! It's nutty flavor can't be found in any store-bought bread or rolls

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