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My Bakery

Delaware Street Bakery started when new Cottage Food laws were passed. I was approved by the Orange County Health Care Agency to sell directly to customers. My permit # is: PR113561 and is included on each bakery item label. I am also registered with the City of Huntington Beach for a Business License.


I started baking when I was 6 or 7 and my family moved to a farm. We grew and made from scratch a majority of our food and baking became a creative way to take our home-grown, wholesome, natural ingredients and make something that sends taste buds into another realm. Baking excites me and making good, yummy food that is good for you should excite you.


Only simple and healthy ingredients are used to make Delaware Street Bakery items. Each item is made with love and care when you order and is ready within 24 hours of baking. Delivery is available for a small fee. Of course, you can always pick it up for free and visit my Bake Kitchen!!

Each bakery item is named after family or friends that found that item to be their favorite. My granddaughters have helped decorate the website with their artistry (i.e. Tomboy DSB Logo). Thank you to my Sweeties! They also eat whatever I bake!


The photo is my Hong Kong Plumeria on the front patio.

My bakery items are based on simple ingredients and great tastes that are easy on the digestive system.

Try them all! 

I have and find them to be the best in sourdough and yeast baking, especially the cookies!!!

I'm always testing out new flavors so come back to visit often and see if there are any new items to try.

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