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Delaware Street Bakery is Open the 3rd Week each Month

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

I LOVE baking and started this bakery in 2018. In October, I thought it was time to close up shop. I, then, heard from a few customers to stay open and narrow the hours and so I am trying this suggestion until January 2022. I will be sending out a reminder to my current customer list and then post here the 2nd Week to remind everyone to get their Orders in using this site, texting, or calling (using 619.300.1535 - always leave a message so I can confirm your Order!).

November 22, 2021 is the next time I'll be baking - just in time for Thanksgiving. That week, I'll be open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Get your Orders in early since there are only so many time slots available and once they are full,'ll have to buy your breads and rolls from the grocery store.

Hope to see your Order November 22nd!!

Thank you for being patient and allowing me to find a way to make this work!!

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1 Comment

Sunny Blaze Kolina
Sep 26, 2021

Darn I love your garlic rolls and cinnamon rolls We will miss you🤗

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